Hong Kong Dollar to Taiwan Dollar exchange rate today and free HKD to TWD currency converter. Please enter the amount for quick conversion.

1 Hong Kong Dollar =

4.0331 Taiwan Dollars

1 HKD = 4.033095533 TWD | TWD to HKD: 1 TWD = 0.2479484848 HKD
Hong Kong Dollars to Taiwan Dollars conversion — Last updated Mar 2, 2024 06:40 UTC

HKD to TWD Conversion Table

Hong Kong DollarTaiwan DollarHong Kong DollarTaiwan Dollar
1 HKD4.0331 TWD2 HKD8.06619 TWD
5 HKD20.1655 TWD10 HKD40.331 TWD
25 HKD100.827 TWD50 HKD201.655 TWD
100 HKD403.31 TWD200 HKD806.619 TWD
500 HKD2016.55 TWD1000 HKD4033.1 TWD
5000 HKD20165.48 TWD10000 HKD40330.96 TWD

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