1 INR to SAR

Convert 1 Indian Rupee to Saudi Arabian Riyals using today's currency exchange rates.

1 Indian Rupee =

0.0452676 Saudi Arabian Riyals

INR to SAR exchange rate: 1 INR = 0.04526759091 SAR|Convert SAR to INR
Indian Rupee to Saudi Arabian Riyal conversion — Last updated Mar 2, 2024 05:58 UTC

How much is a Indian Rupee in Saudi Arabian Riyals?

The current INR to SAR exchange rate is 1 Indian Rupee = 0.04526759091 Saudi Arabian Riyals (1 INR = 0.04526759091 SAR). How do I convert 1 INR to SAR? According to the exchange rate, 1 Indian Rupee can be exchanged for 0.0452676 Saudi Arabian Riyals, i.e. 1 INR is equivalent to 0.0452676 SAR.

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